Several 630 hands involved.

Submitted By: J.T. Ashworth

Hooked up to one of the largest Derrick cranes in the world. Lifts 7500
tons. CA20 weighs approximately 1200 tons. Boom is 560′. Vogtle 3 & 4.
Several 630 hands here. LU 150

CA20 leaving the M. A. B. Module Assembly Building, heading and turning onto
heavy haul road, going down H. H. Rd and finally on the hook. Derrick crane
boom is 560′ able to lift 7,500 tons. CA20 weighs approximately 1200 tons.
Should be set tomorrow. The super lugs on top of module weigh just about 1
ton each. They are inspected after each use and retested. They will be used
1 more time on the CA01. It weighs approximately 1300 tons. Several 630
hands involved here at Vogtle 3&4. L. U. 150. Home local.

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