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America’s Union Movement

Florida Pipetrades Council

Plumbers and Pipefitters National Pension Fund

Helmets to Hardhats (Int’l Website)
Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA)
United Association

United Association Locals
Florida Locals (In Bold)

Local 1, New York, New York
Local 4, Worcester, Massachusetts
Local 5,Washington, D.C.
Local 7, Albany, New York
Local 9, Englishtown, New Jersey
Local 12, Boston, Massachusetts
Local 13, Rochester, New York
Local 15, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Local 17, Memphis, Tennessee (Plumbers)
Local 19, Salt Lake City, Utah
Local 21, Yonkers, New York
Local 23, Rockford, Illinois
Local 24, Newark, New Jersey (Plumbers)
Local 25, Rock Island, Illinois
Local 26, Everett, Washington
Local 27, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Plumbers)
Local 30, Billings, Montana
Local 32, Seattle, Washington (Plumbers & Pipefitters)
Local 33, Des Moines, Iowa
Local 38, San Francisco, CA (Plumbers, Pipefitters, Marine PF)
Local 41, Butte, Montana
Local 42, Norwalk, Ohio
Local 43, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Local 47, Northwest, Pennsylvania
Local 50, Northwood, Ohio
Local 51, East Providence, Rhode Island
Local 52, Montgomery, Alabama
Local 60, New Orleans, Louisiana
Local 72, Atlanta, Georgia
Local 73, Oswego, New York
Local 74, Wilmington, Delaware
Local 75, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Local 78, Los Angeles, California (Plumbers)
Local 93, Waukegan, Illinois
Local 98, Detroit, Michigan
Local 102, Knoxville, Tennessee
Local 112, Binghamton, New York
Local 123, Tampa Florida
Local 125, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Local 136, Evansville, Indiana
Local 149, Savoy, Illinois
Local 150, Augusta, Georgia
Local 155, Little Rock, Arkansas
Local 157, Terre Haute, Indiana
Local 172, South Bend, Indiana
Local 174, West Michigan
Local 183, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Local 188, Savannah, Georgia
Local 190, Ann Arbor, Michiga
Local 192, Cheyenne, Wyoming
Local 208, Denver, Colorado
Local 211, Houston, Texas
Local 230, San Diego, California
Local 246, Fresno, California
Local 250, Los Angeles, California (Pipefitters)
Local 254, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Local 267, Syracuse, New York
Local 268, St. Louis, Missouri
Local 274, Ridgefield, New Jersey
Local 281, Chicago, Illinois
Local 286, Austin, Texas
Local 290, Portland, Oregon
Local 295, Daytona Beach, Florida
Local 314, Kansas City, Missouri
Local 322, Southern New Jersey
Local 342, Oakland, California 
Local 344, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Local 367, Anchorage, Alaska
Local 370, Flint, Michigan
Local 392, Cincinnati, Ohio
Local 396, Boardman, Ohio
Local 400, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Local 412, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Local 420, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Local 421, Charleston, South Carolina
Local 430, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Local 434, Wausau, Wisconsin
Local 441, Wichita, Kansas
Local 449, Pittsburgh, PA
Local 452, Lexington, Kentucky
Local 455, St. Paul, Minnesota
Local 459, Missoula, Montana
Local 469, Phoenix, Arizona
Local 464, Omaha, Nebraska  
Local 467, Burlingame, California
Local 475, Warren, New Jersey
Local 483, San Francisco, California
 Local 501, Aurora, Illinois
Local 506, Escanaba, Michigan
Local 519, Miami, Florida
Local 520, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Local 521, Huntington, West Virginia
Local 522, Louisville, Kentucky
Local 525, Las Vegas, Nevada
Local 533, Kansas City, Missouri
Local 536, Baltimore, Maryland
Local 537, Boston, Massachusetts
Local 538, Johnson City, Tennessee
Local 550, Boston, Massachusetts
Local 572, Nashville, Tennessee
Local 582, Santa Ana, California
Local 597, Chicago, Illinois
Local 598, Pasco, Washington
Local 601, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Local 614, Memphis, Tennessee (Plumbers & Pipefitters)
Local 625, Charleston, West Virginia
Local 630, West Palm Beach, Florida
Local 636, Detroit, Michigan
Local 638, NYC and Long Island, New York
Local 659, Monroe, Louisiana
Local 669, Columbia, Maryland
Local 690, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Plumbers)
Local 692, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Local 693, South Burlington, Vermont
Local 696, Newark, New Jersey
Local 699, Seattle, Washington
Local 709, Los Angeles, California
Local 716, State of Maine
Local 725, Opa Locka, Florida
Local 773, Glens Falls
Local 777, State of Connecticut
Local 782, Seaford, Delaware
Local 798, Pipeliners, Tulsa Oklahoma
Local 821, State of Florida
Local 855, Jersey City, New Jersey

Pipe Trade Organizations

Bay Area Pipe Trades Association
California State Pipe Trades
Illinois Pipe Trades Association
Kentucky Pipe Trades Association
MINK (Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas) Pipe Trades
Minnesota Pipe Trades
Montana/Wyoming Pipe Trades – includes Locals 41, 459, 30, 192
New England Pipe Trades
New Jersey Pipe Trades Association
New York State Pipe Trades
Pennsylvania Pipe Trades
Seattle Pipe Trades
Southern California Pipe Trades District Council #16
Southern California Pipe Trades District Council #16 Organizing
Tennessee Pipe Trades
Utah Pipe Trades
Wisconsin Pipe Trades Association

Canadian Unions

Local 46, Toronto, Canada
Local 67,  Hamilton, Ontario
Local 71,  Ottawa, Ontario
Local 254, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Local 324, Victoria, British Columbia
Local 488, Edmonton, Canada
Local 496, Calgary, Alberta
Local 500, Chicoutimi, Quebec
Local 527, Kitchener, Ontario
Local 663, Sarnia, ON, Canada
Local 682, Cape Breton

Local 787, Ontario, Canada

Pipe Fabrication Institute
National Fire Sprinkler Association