2018 Awards Banquet / Graduation (10/6/18)

Pipefitter of the Year – David McIntyre (Farmer & Irwin)

Plumber of the Year – David Kennedy (Florida Mechanical)

A/C of the Year – Jeff Allard (Farmer & Irwin)

25 Year Pins – Joe Overton, Cecil Garner and Mike Wedell

30 Year Pins – Raymond Parker, Larry Halverson, Ralph Carrick and Tom Barrett

35 Year Pins – Scott Dyer and Dale Shearer

40 Year Pins – Tim Bowe, Mark Daniels, Bob Hosack and Phil Jackson

45 Year Pins – Jim Wilson, Dave Springer, Doug Moran and Don Coker

55 Year Pins – James Finch Jr., Gary Campbell, Ray Conn and David Krum

60 Year Pins – Jack Witter and A.J. Harrell

Apprentice of the Year – Drew Arrants

2018 Graduates

Graduates and Instructors

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